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Can provide access to a vehicle for a learner driver for 6 months.


Can teach a young person strategies to remain engaged with education


can provide safe accommodation and access to case work for a family seeking asylum for a month

St Francis Social Services has been assisting those from the periphery
since 1978.
With your support, over the last year, our team of 22 staff and 168
volunteers assisted over 1800 people through our programs for people
seeking asylum and disadvantaged youth.
We keep our fundraising costs to a minimum to ensure we maximise the
support we give our clients. In 2016, over 95% of our income was
directed to delivering services for people in need.

Donate by Mail or Phone:

Donate By Mail

Please make checks payable to St Francis Social Services.

Please do not mail credit card details.

Po Box 39


We appreciate every single donation we receive and work to ensure that every dollar goes where it is

needed most.

St Francis Social Services is a registered charity. All donations above $2 are tax deductible.


Donate by Phone: 02 9331 2691